Foreign Students Department

Educational scientific degree "Doctor"

According to the Decision of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of May 1999 the University of Ruse is entitled to train doctoral degree students.

Under Article 78(2) of the Higher Education Law the University of Ruse is entitled to enrol doctoral degree students in all degree programmes, which have been granted evaluation grade 'very good'.

Educational scientific degree "Doctor" will be conferred on the basis of the successful completion of the study programme at the faculties of the University of Ruse.

  • Eligible for application in the educational-scientific degree "Doctor" in University of Ruse are international citizens, who have Diploma for the University degree Master.
  • Foreign citizens can apply for education, after their Diploma for Master degree is recognized, according to the Procedure Rules of "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse for recognition of higher education acquired in a foreign higher educational institution, in accordance with the state requirements.
  • In recognition of higher education acquired in foreign higher education institutions, the major criteria for the legitimacy of the higher education institution that issued the diploma are the credits obtained (equivalent to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) - not less than 90).
  • The fee for this procedure is 100 euro.
  • All required application documents, legalized and translated in Bulgarian language, are submitted in the International Students Directorate, University of Ruse.
  • The duration of study for acquiring the educational-scientific degree "Doctor" is 3 years.
  • A Doctor's educational and scientific degree will be conferred on the basis of successful completion of the study programme by the graduates.
Doctoral programmes in University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”:


  • Mechanization and Electrification of Plant- growing
  • Mechanization and Electrification in Agriculture
  • Agricultural Machinery and Technology
  • Hydraulic Machines, Systems and Hydromechanics
  • Industrial Heat Technology
  • Theory of Mechanisms, Machines and Automatic Lines
  • Power Machinery and Equipmen
  • Systems and Devices for Environmental Protection
  • Ergonomics and Industrial Design


  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Cutting Materials and Cutting Tools
  • Material Science and Technology of Machine Building Materials
  • Technology, Machines and Systems for Plastic Deformation Processing
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mechanics of the Deformable Solid
  • Metrology and Metrological Insurance


  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Automobiles, Tractors and Trucks
  • Machinery and Machine Elements
  • Management and Organization of Road Transport
  • Transport Systems and Technologies for Environmental Protection


  • Electricity and Electrical Equipment
  • Automatisation of Production
  • Electronics
  • Theoretical Bases of Communication Technology
  • Communication Networks and Systems
  • Automated Information and Control Systems (by industry)
  • Automation of Areas of the Intangible Sphere


  • Organization and Management of Production (industry)
  • Organization and Management Outside the Sphere of Material Production (foreign policy and multilevel governance in the European Union)
  • Social Governance
  • Economics and Management (industry)
  • Political Economy


  • Theory of Education and Didactics
  • Methodology of Physics Training
  • Methodology of Mathematics Education
  • Methodology of Education in Informatics and Information Technologies
  • General and Comparative linguistics
  • Bulgarian language
  • History of Bulgaria
  • Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Modeling and Application of Mathematics
  • Informatics


  • State Theory and Law. History of Political and Legal Teachings
  • Civil and Family Law
  • Administrative Law and Administrative Process
  • Criminology
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal Proceedings
  • Labor law and Social Security




Sofia Markou, Cyprus Bulgaria is beautiful and interesting country with scenic nature, attractive sisghts, rich culture and history. I am happy, because I have made the best choice for me to study in University of Ruse. I don’t have any problems being an international student, because people around me make feel at home. Lecturers and staff from the International Students Directorate are very hospitable and pleasant and I can always count on their support and cooperation. I am happy that they give me the opportunity to develop myself firstly as a person and individuality and secondly – to build international friendships, which I hope will last lifelong. Thanks to the annual Festival of the international students we have the possibility to learn about the Bulgarian culture and traditions, as well as those of the other countries. At the same time I can present my own country’s traditions trough singing and dancing. Once again I would like to thank to my lecturers, International Students Directorate and all Bulgarian people.

Sofia Markou, Cyprus,