Foreign Students Department

Admission requirements

Your documents for admission into Ruse University should be translated and legalized.

The translation must be in Bulgarian, if you find it difficult, submit it into English.

The legalization of the documents should be done by the Ministry of the Education and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the appropriate country.

Getting a visa

In order an entry visa for the Republic of Bulgaria to be issued, you should submit at the Consular section of the Republic of Bulgaria the following documents:

  1. CERTIFICATE, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  2. CERTIFICATE, issued by the University of Ruse for booking a room in the students’ hostels;
  3. DOCUMENT from the bank for the paid tuition fee in the University of Ruse, on the name of the applicant.




Sofia Markou, Cyprus Bulgaria is beautiful and interesting country with scenic nature, attractive sisghts, rich culture and history. I am happy, because I have made the best choice for me to study in University of Ruse. I don’t have any problems being an international student, because people around me make feel at home. Lecturers and staff from the International Students Directorate are very hospitable and pleasant and I can always count on their support and cooperation. I am happy that they give me the opportunity to develop myself firstly as a person and individuality and secondly – to build international friendships, which I hope will last lifelong. Thanks to the annual Festival of the international students we have the possibility to learn about the Bulgarian culture and traditions, as well as those of the other countries. At the same time I can present my own country’s traditions trough singing and dancing. Once again I would like to thank to my lecturers, International Students Directorate and all Bulgarian people.

Sofia Markou, Cyprus,
Occupational therapy