Foreign Students Department

Annual tuition fees

Degree programmes Bachelor degree programme Master degree Programme
Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time
Kinesitherapy 3110 € 3110 €
Training in Bulgarian language
- All other programmes
2500 € 1250 € 2510 € 1255 €
Foreign language training
in all degree programmes
3010 € 1756 € 3010 € 1756 €
European Studies and Regional Cooperation in English language in BRIE 1810 €
European Studies and Public Administration in English language in BRIE 1810 €

Degree programmes Doctoral degree programme Preparatory language course
/Full-time study/
Full-time Part-time
Kinesitherapy 3600 € 2000 €
Training in Bulgarian language
- All other programmes
3010 € 1500 € 2000 €
Foreign language training
in all degree programmes
3510 € 1756 € 2500 €

Students with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian pay half - 50 % of the fixed tuition fee for foreigners, when they apply and are admitted under the conditions and procedures, specified for international students.

Bulgarians living outside the Republic of Bulgaria shall be admitted as students, PhD students and postgraduate students in Bulgarian state higher education institutions in accordance with Art. 4, (1) of Decree No 103/1993

Students, PhD students and specialization - citizens of the Member States of the European Union and of the European Economic Area, pay annual tuition fees for their education under the terms and conditions established for the Bulgarian citizens.

The training fees were approved by Order of the Rector of the University of Ruse № 625 of 21.05.2021 on the basis of Decision of the Ministers Council No. 373 on the 22th of April, 2021 and the Decisions of Academic Council No. 5.2 of 29.01.2021.

The annual tuition fees are valid for the current academic year.

Address of Ruse University

University of Ruse
8 Studentska Street
Ruse 7017

Application deadline – 30.09.2021.
Application deadline for doctoral degree students – permanent
Application deadline for non-degree students – permanent
Application deadline for studying of Bulgarian language – 30.09.2021.




Valentina Baltaji, Moldova If you ask me why I have chosen to study in University of Ruse, my answer would be: University of Ruse is the place where you can develop and realize your dremas. Here you are always welcomed with a smile. Lecturers are alsways ready to consult and help you, which is very important for one student. I am already in the second course and I can say that I have made the right choice. Because the choice of University determines your future!

Valentina Baltaji, Moldova,
Industrial design