Important information

Foreigners, who hold a high school diploma, giving them access to universities in the country issuing this diploma, are eligible for admittance into the University of Ruse for educational qualification degree of Bachelor. The grade point average of the high school diploma subjects, which are required for determining the cumulative grade for the respective university degree program must be minimum 62 % of the highest possible value according to the assessment system of the country, issuing the high school diploma. The deadline for application is 30 September 2022.

Forthcoming events

1. The admission of application douments for the education of international students has started. Information about the application procedure is published on our internet page:, Facebook, aas well as at the phones of the Directorate +359 82888280; +359 82841634.




Kieu Phuong Trinh, Vietnam Ruse University is a good university with a team of enthusiastic teachers who are willing to help when you have difficulties. A friendly and peaceful environment for you to focus on learning and developing yourself. In addition, picnics are organized every year to connect and explore the beautiful Bulgaria.

Kieu Phuong Trinh, Vietnam,
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