Foreign Students Department

Ruse and the University of Ruse

RUSE is the largest Bulgarian city on the river Danube. Nineteen centuries ago it emerged as a Roman settlement, Sexaginta Prista. In the Middle Ages Ruse was known as Roustchouk. Now Ruse is not only a place of rich and long lasting historical and cultural traditions linking us to our European heritage, but also a busy industrial, economic and cultural centre.

The UNIVERSITY OF RUSE has traditions in the training of international students. In the last 75 years more than 1 000 citizens from all over the world – Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America , obtained very good vocational training at the University. A precondition for this is the high qualification of the faculty members and the established necessary equipment. More than 8 500 students receive training in the state-of-art classrooms and research laboratories.

The STUDENTS' HOSTELS offer very good on-campus accommodation for 2400 students. The hostels are situated near the university premises, the student refectory, the post office, sports facilities and student culture club. There are also provisions for quick and easy transport to various parts of the city.

The STUDENT REFECTORY, cafeterias, the medical centre, the kindergarden and creche, the post office and job centre, the shops and the entertainment centre are all in the same part of the campus.

The UNIVERSITY LIBRARY contacts with Baltimore International Book House, Open Society Fund and Soros, Eurika and Sabre foundations. It is included in the exchange system with other university libraries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

The STUDENT CULTURAL CLUBS SOCIETY is formed by a variety of amateur clubs.

UNIVERSITY SPORT CENTRE and SPORTS, TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIETY ”ACADEMIC” for environmental protection unites a variety of clubs: for mountain climbing, water sports, skiing, cycling, alpinism, mountaineering, speleology and cross country walking.

Large numbers of students, faculty members and administrative staff can take holidays in the university resort centres on the Black Sea coast, in the Balkan Mountains, or along the bank of the Danube.

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      Usman Gani Khan, Republic of India
    My impressions from the University are beyond my expectations. The University is modernly equipped, with new premises, rich library, concert hall and modern technologies. I study Computer sciences in Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education. Lecturers and staff are always on our disposal with advises and support. The University has long history and traditions, as well as many interesting events and additional free courses in Web design and Programming. I am thankful to the Internationational Students Directorate. I am happy that I have chosen University of Ruse last, but not least and because of the beautiful city.

Usman Gani Khan, Republic of India ,
Computer sciences